What is "Doom Eager"?

Lorrie Moore, from "Better and Sicker"
"Martha Graham speaks of the Icelandic term "doom eager" to denote that ordeal of isolation, restlessness, caughtness and artistic experiences when he or she is sick with an idea. When a writer is doom eager, the writing won't be sludge on the page; it will give readers -- and the writer, of course, is the very first reader -- an experience they've never had before, or perhaps a little and at last the words for an experience they have."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Should authors sign up for a StumbleUpon account?

See video here.
StumbleUpon CEO Garrett Camp talks to mediabistro.com's Media Beat about the "discovery engine" StumbleUpon. Calling the site not a "social network" but a "discovery engine" where account holders discover fun things they like and give those things a "thumbs up," Camp shares that its 15 million users "refer almost as much traffic as Facebook." So, should authors sign up for a StumbleUpon account? With only so much time to market themselves and so many ways to do so, how do writers decide where to direct their efforts? Is StumbleUpon the new place to discover content and get your writing noticed?

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StumbleUpon Topped Facebook in Website Referrals Last Month - GalleyCat

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